Congratulations! You’ve added a new puppy to your family, and everyone is loving the puppy kisses, nonstop energy, and playful shenanigans. Our team here at Temple Heights Animal Hospital has put together five fun games that you and your furry companion can play to help burn off all of that extra energy!


#1: Hot & Cold Game

This game is fun AND educational! First, hide a treat when your puppy is looking away. You can help your pooch know if they are headed in the right direction of the treat by using a calm tone for when they are “colder” or further away from the treat. When they get closer to the desired treat, use a more excited tone! This helps to strengthen the communication fostered between you and your pooch. And your pup gets a delicious treat at the end of it, too!


#2: DIY Interactive Treat Game

This next game is also for the very treat-motivated pup! What you will need are some stackable plastic containers and some treats. Place a treat in the bottom container and stack the next container with a treat on top of it. You can continue to layer treats and containers to make the game more challenging for your furry companion.


#3: Fetch

Start your pup early on this classic game for dogs! Make sure to select a small toy or soft doll for your puppy to fetch, and stay away from rough objects such as sticks. The object shouldn’t be too heavy for them to carry in their mouth, either! Your puppy is still working on their stamina, so play in 10-minute increments and give them plenty of time to rest and drink water.


#4: Tug of War

This fun and engaging game is an excellent way for your puppy to get some physical exercise, and also practice their manners. You will grab one side of the tug of war rope toy and your pet will take the other side. Always remember that the game stops when your dog’s teeth touch your skin. This trains your puppy to avoid biting their human.


#5: A Walk

For your puppy companion, a walk in a fun and new environment provides lots of mental stimulation, and can almost feel like a game itself! Take advantage of the beautiful San Diego weather by bringing your puppy for a walk along the beach or a hiking trail. Just be sure to check ahead of time if there are any restrictions for bringing your furry friend to any of these public places. 


This is an exciting time to play with your newest addition to the family. We also want to make sure they are started on the right paw when it comes to their overall health, too! Don’t forget to read our puppy checklist that goes over EVERYTHING you need to know about having a new pup in the house!