You’re a globetrotter. Well-traveled. Love to see and explore the world… 

But dang, you miss your pets while you’re gone. 

So many pet owners truly desire to bring their pets along for their big trips, but they fear for their overall safety. How can you have the best of both worlds– explore new and exciting places AND do so in your pet’s company?

The truth is, you can achieve safe travel with your pets. You just have to be prepared.

So hi 👋, here we are to prepare you. 

Buckle up and get ready to depart Southern California and take the trip of your dreams. These are our top travel safety tips for planes (not trains, but maybe another time) and automobiles:

If you’re flying: 

  • Don’t book flights with layovers. Give yourself and your pet one less thing to stress about and splurge for those direct flights.
  • Schedule a check-up. Determine what paperwork you’ll need to be filled out by your veterinarian ahead of time, and chat with your veterinarian about ways to help your specific pet be comfortable and stress-free while flying.
  • Update ID. If your pet is microchipped, make sure the information is up to date. Your pet should also be wearing an ID tag with your information on it in case of an emergency.
  • Determine what kind of crate you need. If your pet cannot fly in the cabin with you, you will want to clarify the type of crate you need your pet to fly in. Purchase a size that allows your pet to stand and turn comfortably. Place a cherished item or something with your scent on it in the crate with them to provide some comfort during travel!

Vroom Vroom, ROAD TRIP: 

  • Practice with shorter drives first. If your pet isn’t already acclimated to the car, start off small and build up to those cross-country drives.
  • Pack fun things for them to do.Puzzle games, kongs, or a crossword puzzle (for the intellectually advanced pets…or just save this for yourself) are great for keeping your pets occupied along the way.
  • Take breaks. The best part about driving is that you have the flexibility to take as many breaks as needed. Map out some great detours and stop for bathroom breaks, feedings, or just to stretch your pet’s legs a bit!
  • Don’t lock your pet in the car. Pets alone in cars in both hot and cold climates can be a dangerous situation. Supervision in the car always
  • Relaxing tunes can set the vibe. There’s a lot for your pet to take in when riding in the car! Don’t let a frantic playlist add to any potential stress. Chill music vibes are best.
  • Provide a seatbelt or appropriate crate for safety. Your pet should be safely restrained in some way in the car. Free roam is NOT the way to go. Explore different seatbelt options, or consider crating.

And our number one tip? Wherever you go, whatever you do, if your pet is with you… take pictures and share them with us at Temple Heights because pets on vacation are too irresistible. Happy Travels!