Raise your hand if you’re a hot, sweaty mess these days . . . OK, most of you then. Read on for our three favorite tips on how to make sure your pet doesn’t feel the same!

You scream I scream . . . Your pet may not be able to run up and grab a Bomb Pop from the ice cream truck, but here are some other ideas:

    • Freeze low-sodium chicken or beef broth in ice cube trays for the most delicious ice cubes your dog has ever had.
    • Freeze some wet food, kibble, and other yummy treats in a Kong toy, and let your dog go to town on a long-lasting yummy snack!

Grooming Tip. Do you feel like your double-coated dog must be SO unbearably hot in the summertime? You might think a good shave-down would be in order, but NOPE! Their double coat actually helps them to regulate their own temperature, so shaving it off would not do them any favors. For these dogs, a furry summer is a cooler summer.

Do you like to DIY? You can make your pet a bed that actually cools them down! If you are handy with a sewing needle, you’ll want to check this out. Your dog will love you for a cool place to lie down while outside!

Get crafty here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riZ7LmVJqWo

While you’re enjoying the higher temperatures with your dog, you still want to be aware of all the signs of heatstroke and seek medical attention if you begin to notice them. The cautionary clinical signs include:

      • Collapse
      • Brick red gums
      • Rapid heart rate
      • Rapid breathing
      • Drooling
      • Dazed
      • Difficulty standing/walking

As always, Temple Heights Animal Hospital is here for you and your pets. Give us a call with any beat-the-heat questions or any questions at all!